[Proxmox] NFSv4 client saves files as “nobody” and “nogroup” on ZFS Share

I’m running a Proxmox Cluster with PVE1 and PVE2. On PVE2 a VM is running Debian Buster, which is mounting an zfs nfs share from PVE1. Inside the VM a script is running as root saving a backup on this nfs share. If I create a file locally (Test1) on …

[Wireguard] Preparing Proxmox Host for Wireguard in LXC

I followed this guide for using Wireguard inside LXC on Proxmox. (Also helpfull) But as i ran “modprobe wireguard” I just got: So I ran “dkms autoinstall”… but no success. As I run “apt install pve-headers” it installed new pve-headers but for a different kernel: As expected, “modprobe wireguard” still …

[Proxmox] Mount dataset into LXC

Open LXC config file in your favorite editor. In this case the container name is 101:

nano /etc/pve/lxc/101.conf

Append a single line for each mountpoint you want to add. The first mountpoint is “mp0”, the second “mp1” and so on.

mp0: /data/music,mp=/mnt/nfs/music

First the source (my zpool “data”, folowing the dataset name “music”), after that the destination inside the container beginning “mp=”.