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[JavaScript] Subtract month from date in format yyyyMMdd

//Input String yyyymmdd
var date_string = '20200101'

//Create date object
var oDate = new Date(date_string.substr(0, 4), date_string.substr(4, 2), date_string.substr(6, 2))

oDate.setMonth(oDate.getMonth() - 1)

var year = oDate.getFullYear().toString()
var month = oDate.getMonth().toString()
var day = oDate.getDay().toString()

//Add leading zero's
if (month.length === 1 ) {
	month = '0' + month
if (day.length === 1 ) {
	day = '0' + day

//Return string: 20191201
var sDate =  year + month + day

[WordPress] 4 levels of caching

Good overview on: https://www.smarthomebeginner.com/wordpress-on-docker-traefik/#3_WordPress_Caching

Browser Caching: This is what tells the visitors browser to cache the files locally to speed up future site/page visits. We will set this up using Nginx. On Apache, this is accomplished using .htaccess files.

Server Caching: This caches static versions of pages (Page cache). We are going to accomplish this using Nginx FastCGI cache.

Frontend Caching: This means caching WordPress PHP files so they don’t have to be re-compiled for every visit. We are going to set this up using PHP OpCache.

Database Caching: This optimizes database queries by storing them in the RAM for faster delivery. We are going to use Redis for this.

[ABAP] OM – Lese Personen auf und unterhalb einer OE

Auswertungsweg O-O-S-P liefert unter einer gegebenen Org. Einheit alle Personen, auch aus tieferen OE.

T-Code: OOAW

    DATA(lt_actor) = VALUE tswhactor( ).
        act_otype       = 'O'
        act_objid       = lv_oe " die Org. Einheit, von der gestartet werden soll
        act_wegid       = 'O-O-S-P'
        act_plvar       = '01'
        act_begda       = sy-datum
        act_endda       = sy-datum
        act_tflag       = space
        act_vflag       = space
        authority_check = space
        result_tab      = lt_actor
        no_plvar_found  = 1
        no_entry_found  = 2
        OTHERS          = 3.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
      " do error handling

    " Nur Pernr's relevant
    DELETE lt_actor WHERE otype <> 'P'.
    " Doppelte Pernr's entfernen

Zum Testen des Auswertungsweges kann man den Report RHSTRU00 verwenden. Einfach Planvariante, Objekttyp und eine ObjektId einer Org. Einheit eingeben, sowie den Auswertungsweg und Statusvektor 1 (aktiv).

[Nextcloud] Docker upgrade 19.0 to 20.0 exception

Just did the Nextcloud Docker upgrade from version 19.0 to 20.0. I followed their guide on Github and updated my docker-compose.yml.

    image: nextcloud:20.0
    restart: unless-stopped
      - /opt/containers/nextcloud/app:/var/www/html
      - nextcloud-db
      - nextcloud-redis
        REDIS_HOST: nextcloud-redis
      - proxy

Followed by:

$ docker-compose -f /opt/containers/nextcloud/docker-compose.yml pull
$ docker-compose -f /opt/containers/nextcloud/docker-compose.yml up -d

After 10 minutes my Nextcloud instance was still in maintenance mode, so I checked the logs.

$ docker logs nextcloud-app_1
Initializing nextcloud ...
Upgrading nextcloud from ...
Initializing finished
Nextcloud or one of the apps require upgrade - only a limited number of commands are available
You may use your browser or the occ upgrade command to do the upgrade
Setting log level to debug
Turned on maintenance mode
Updating database schema
Updated database
Disabled incompatible app: announcementcenter
Disabled incompatible app: breezedark
Disabled incompatible app: calendar
Disabled incompatible app: drawio
Checking for update of app lookup_server_connector in appstore
Checked for update of app "lookup_server_connector" in appstore 
Update app news from appstore
An unhandled exception has been thrown:
Error: Undefined class constant 'DEFAULT_SETTINGS' in /var/www/html/custom_apps/news/lib/Migration/MigrateConfig.php:49
Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]: OCA\News\Migration\MigrateConfig->__construct(Object(OCA\News\Config\LegacyConfig), Object(OC\AllConfig), Object(OCA\News\AppInfo\Application))
#1 /var/www/html/lib/private/AppFramework/Utility/SimpleContainer.php(101): ReflectionClass->newInstanceArgs(Array)
#2 /var/www/html/lib/private/AppFramework/Utility/SimpleContainer.php(109): OC\AppFramework\Utility\SimpleContainer->buildClass(Object(ReflectionClass))
#3 /var/www/html/lib/private/AppFramework/Utility/SimpleContainer.php(126): OC\AppFramework\Utility\SimpleContainer->resolve('OCA\\News\\Migrat...')
#4 /var/www/html/lib/private/AppFramework/DependencyInjection/DIContainer.php(455): OC\AppFramework\Utility\SimpleContainer->query('OCA\\News\\Migrat...')
#5 /var/www/html/lib/private/ServerContainer.php(140): OC\AppFramework\DependencyInjection\DIContainer->queryNoFallback('OCA\\News\\Migrat...')
#6 /var/www/html/lib/private/Repair.php(119): OC\ServerContainer->query('OCA\\News\\Migrat...')
#7 /var/www/html/lib/private/legacy/OC_App.php(1035): OC\Repair->addStep('OCA\\News\\Migrat...')
#8 /var/www/html/lib/private/legacy/OC_App.php(979): OC_App::executeRepairSteps('news', Array)
#9 /var/www/html/lib/private/Installer.php(206): OC_App::updateApp('news')
#10 /var/www/html/lib/private/Updater.php(452): OC\Installer->updateAppstoreApp('news')
#11 /var/www/html/lib/private/Updater.php(260): OC\Updater->upgradeAppStoreApps(Array)
#12 /var/www/html/lib/private/Updater.php(130): OC\Updater->doUpgrade('', '')
#13 /var/www/html/core/Command/Upgrade.php(255): OC\Updater->upgrade()
#14 /var/www/html/3rdparty/symfony/console/Command/Command.php(255): OC\Core\Command\Upgrade->execute(Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Input\ArgvInput), Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Output\ConsoleOutput))
#15 /var/www/html/3rdparty/symfony/console/Application.php(1000): Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command->run(Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Input\ArgvInput), Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Output\ConsoleOutput))
#16 /var/www/html/3rdparty/symfony/console/Application.php(271): Symfony\Component\Console\Application->doRunCommand(Object(OC\Core\Command\Upgrade), Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Input\ArgvInput), Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Output\ConsoleOutput))
#17 /var/www/html/3rdparty/symfony/console/Application.php(147): Symfony\Component\Console\Application->doRun(Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Input\ArgvInput), Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Output\ConsoleOutput))
#18 /var/www/html/lib/private/Console/Application.php(215): Symfony\Component\Console\Application->run(Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Input\ArgvInput), Object(Symfony\Component\Console\Output\ConsoleOutput))
#19 /var/www/html/console.php(100): OC\Console\Application->run()
#20 /var/www/html/occ(11): require_once('/var/www/html/c...')
#21 {main}    0/0 [->--------------------------]   0%Configuring Redis as session handler
AH00558: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using 172.1X.X.XX. Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message
AH00558: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using 172.1X.X.XX. Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message

Seems like the news app updating process threw an exception. After searching for a minute I found this thread, where someone got the same error and just manually disabled the maintenance mode. So I did the same:

$ docker exec --user www-data nextcloud-app_1 php /var/www/html/occ maintenance:mode --off
Nextcloud or one of the apps require upgrade - only a limited number of commands are available
You may use your browser or the occ upgrade command to do the upgrade
Maintenance mode disabled

Went back to the WebGui, logged in, and he asked me to update the news app. Now the update finished without problems.

[SAPUI5] MyInbox: Integration of Detail View – EmbedIntoDetail

https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2305401 (App to App Navigation CookBook.pdf)



Go to /n/ui2/fpld_cust and define a second target for your App, i.e. approve.

The approve target needs the “emdedIntoDetails” parameter:


Add the new target for your WF Task. Here you have access to all attributes of your Workitem-Container. Pass all your mandatory fields you’ve defined in your oData Entity.

Some examples: https://blogs.sap.com/2016/05/31/my-inbox-open-task-swfvisu-configuration/

If your missing some parameters, just add them in your Workitem Task and pass the values directly into it right from your Workflow Container. This looks much better.


Add a route to navigate via Inbox. The pattern has to match your inbox url.

			"routes": [
					"pattern": "",
					"name": "master",
					"target": "master"
					"pattern": "DataSet/{Pernr},{Datum},{Infty}",
					"name": "object",
					"target": [
					"pattern": "detail/LOCAL_INBOX/{wfInstanceId}/{taskPath}",
					"name": "wfobject",
					"target": "object"


	onInit: function () {
			// Model used to manipulate control states. The chosen values make sure,
			// detail page is busy indication immediately so there is no break in
			// between the busy indication for loading the view's meta data
			var oViewModel = new JSONModel({
				busy: false,
				delay: 0

			this.getRouter().getRoute("object").attachPatternMatched(this._onObjectMatched, this);

			//My Inbox Integration
			this.getRouter().getRoute("wfobject").attachPatternMatched(this._onWFObjectMatched, this);

			this.setModel(oViewModel, "detailView");



		_onWFObjectMatched: function (oEvent) {
			this.getModel("appView").setProperty("/layout", "MidColumnFullScreen");
			var compData = this.getOwnerComponent().getComponentData();

			if (compData && compData.startupParameters && compData.startupParameters.PERNR && Array.isArray(compData.startupParameters.PERNR) &&
				compData.startupParameters.PERNR[0]) {

				var sPernr = compData.startupParameters.PERNR[0];
				var sDatum = compData.startupParameters.DATUM[0];
				var sInfty = compData.startupParameters.INFTY[0];


				this.getModel().metadataLoaded().then(function () {
					var sObjectPath = this.getModel().createKey("/DataSet", {
						Pernr: sPernr,
						Datum: sDatum,
                                          Infty: sInfty


[SAPUI5] uncheck checkbox if another one is selected


<Checkbox id="Checkbox1" selected="{ path:'oModel>CB1' }" select="handleOrderSelected"></Checkbox>	
<Checkbox id="Checkbox2" selected="{ path:'oModel>CB2' }" select="handleRejectSelected"></Checkbox>


	handleOrderSelected: function (oEvent) {
		//Wenn Checkbox1 selektiert, setze Checkbox2 auf false.
		var bSelected = oEvent.getParameter("selected");
		if (bSelected) {
			var bindingContext = oEvent.getSource().getBindingContext("oModel");
			this.oModelTemplate.setProperty("CB2", "", bindingContext, false);

	handleRejectSelected: function (oEvent) {
		//Wenn Checkbox2 selektiert, setze Checkbox1 auf false.
		var bSelected = oEvent.getParameter("selected");
		if (bSelected) {
			var bindingContext = oEvent.getSource().getBindingContext("oModel");
			this.oModelTemplate.setProperty("CB1", "", bindingContext, false);