[ABAP] Leave Request Approval Workflow with Escalation

During the leave request approval process the standard workflow WS12300111 does not include any deadlines. To archieve this you can simply copy the workflow and add a deadline at the approval task (Step 38). There are two possible ways to forward the approval step to the next processor: 1. Forward …

[ABAP] Workflow mail step -> Add attachment

Recently I got the demand to enhance the leave request approvel workflow with some mail steps. These mails should also include the attachments, which can be uploaded in the “Leave Request” Fiori App. To achive this, I used the exit functionality in the mail step. There you have to provide …

[ABAP] Read Infotype

DATA: ls_p0001           TYPE p0001,
      lt_p0001           TYPE TABLE OF p0001,  
      lr_infotype_reader TYPE REF TO if_hrpa_read_infotype, 
      lt_infotype        TYPE hrpad_prelp_tab, 
      ls_infotype        TYPE prelp, 
      lv_missing_auth    TYPE boole_d 
      lv_data_exists     TYPE boole_d. 

* Infotyp reader initialisieren
   CALL METHOD cl_hrpa_read_infotype=>get_instance
       infotype_reader = lr_infotype_reader.

 * Infotyp 1 lesen
   CLEAR lt_infotype.
   CALL METHOD lr_infotype_reader->read
       tclas         = 'A'
       pernr         = lv_pernr
       infty         =  '0001' 
       begda         = iv_begda
       endda         = iv_endda
       no_auth_check = abap_true
       infotype_tab  = lt_infotype
       data_exists   = lv_data_exists
       missing_auth  = lv_missing_auth.

   LOOP AT lt_infotype INTO ls_infotype.
     CALL METHOD cl_hr_pnnnn_type_cast=>prelp_to_pnnnn
         prelp = ls_infotype
         pnnnn = ls_p0001.
        APPEND ls_p0001 TO lt_p0001.