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[ABAP] Read ACTION_COMMENTS from Workitem

The Attribute ACTION_COMMENTS is of type SWC_VALUE, which is a char with length 255.

If the entered text has less than < 255 characters, there is just one element named ‘ACTION_COMMENTS’ in the workitem container.

If the user entered a text with more than 255 characters, the text is split and there are more elements named with ‘ACTION_COMMENTS_1’, ‘ACTION_COMMENTS_2’ etc. (Note 3017539)

There is the function module SAP_WAPI_READ_CONTAINER to read Workitems. As input for the function module, you need the workitemId from the decision step. You will then find the ACTION_COMMENTS in the simple_container table.

    DATA: return_code              TYPE sy-subrc,
          simple_container         TYPE TABLE OF swr_cont,
          message_lines            TYPE TABLE OF swr_messag,
          message_struct           TYPE TABLE OF swr_mstruc,
          subcontainer_bor_objects TYPE TABLE OF swr_cont,
          subcontainer_all_objects TYPE TABLE OF swr_cont,
          object_content           TYPE TABLE OF solisti1.

    " Read the work item container from the work item ID
        workitem_id              = wiid
        return_code              = return_code
        simple_container         = simple_container
        message_lines            = message_lines
        message_struct           = message_struct
        subcontainer_bor_objects = subcontainer_bor_objects
        subcontainer_all_objects = subcontainer_all_objects.

        DATA(text) = simple_container[ element = 'ACTION_COMMENTS' ]-value.
      CATCH cx_sy_itab_line_not_found.
      " Check for ACTION_COMMENTS_1 etc.
      " or follow the approach below

The comment is also added as attachment to the workitem. Just check the table subcontainer_all_objects, which is also returned by the previous function module, for attribute _ATTACH_COMMENT_OBJECTS (or _ATTACH_OBJECT or DECISION_NOTE). With function module SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1 you can then get the actual comment.

    " Read the _ATTACH_COMMENT_OBJECTS element
    " There can be more than one comment, just take the last one
    LOOP AT subcontainer_all_objects INTO DATA(comment_object) WHERE element = '_ATTACH_COMMENT_OBJECTS'.

    CHECK comment_object-value IS NOT INITIAL.

    " Read the SOFM Document
        document_id    = CONV so_entryid( comment_object-value )
        object_content = object_content
        OTHERS         = 1.

    LOOP AT object_content INTO DATA(lv_soli).
      CONCATENATE text lv_soli-line INTO text.

As you get a table as a result, it’s properly easier to read long comments this way.

[SAPUI5] MyInbox: Integration of Detail View – EmbedIntoDetail

https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2305401 (App to App Navigation CookBook.pdf)



Go to /n/ui2/fpld_cust and define a second target for your App, i.e. approve.

The approve target needs the “emdedIntoDetails” parameter:


Add the new target for your WF Task. Here you have access to all attributes of your Workitem-Container. Pass all your mandatory fields you’ve defined in your oData Entity.

Some examples: https://blogs.sap.com/2016/05/31/my-inbox-open-task-swfvisu-configuration/

If your missing some parameters, just add them in your Workitem Task and pass the values directly into it right from your Workflow Container. This looks much better.


Add a route to navigate via Inbox. The pattern has to match your inbox url.

			"routes": [
					"pattern": "",
					"name": "master",
					"target": "master"
					"pattern": "DataSet/{Pernr},{Datum},{Infty}",
					"name": "object",
					"target": [
					"pattern": "detail/LOCAL_INBOX/{wfInstanceId}/{taskPath}",
					"name": "wfobject",
					"target": "object"


	onInit: function () {
			// Model used to manipulate control states. The chosen values make sure,
			// detail page is busy indication immediately so there is no break in
			// between the busy indication for loading the view's meta data
			var oViewModel = new JSONModel({
				busy: false,
				delay: 0

			this.getRouter().getRoute("object").attachPatternMatched(this._onObjectMatched, this);

			//My Inbox Integration
			this.getRouter().getRoute("wfobject").attachPatternMatched(this._onWFObjectMatched, this);

			this.setModel(oViewModel, "detailView");



		_onWFObjectMatched: function (oEvent) {
			this.getModel("appView").setProperty("/layout", "MidColumnFullScreen");
			var compData = this.getOwnerComponent().getComponentData();

			if (compData && compData.startupParameters && compData.startupParameters.PERNR && Array.isArray(compData.startupParameters.PERNR) &&
				compData.startupParameters.PERNR[0]) {

				var sPernr = compData.startupParameters.PERNR[0];
				var sDatum = compData.startupParameters.DATUM[0];
				var sInfty = compData.startupParameters.INFTY[0];


				this.getModel().metadataLoaded().then(function () {
					var sObjectPath = this.getModel().createKey("/DataSet", {
						Pernr: sPernr,
						Datum: sDatum,
                                          Infty: sInfty


[Fiori] Send notification mail if workitem is forwarded in MyInbox

Workitem function modules

If you forward a workitem manually from the MyInbox or via function module SAP_WAPI_FORWARD_WORKITEM, the function module SWW_WI_FORWARD will be called. There the SAP implemented a BAdI call of the BAdI WF_WI_FORWARD.


The BAdI provides a method to add additional checks, when forwarding a workitem. I will use it, to send notification mails.

BAdI Filter

Create your own BAdI implementation and add a task id as filter. In my case it’s the task TS21500003 of the leave request approval workflow.
Now your implementation will only be called, if this specific workitem is forwarded. Now we implement the method CHECK_BEFORE_FORWARD. The method has enough parameters to get all necessary information to enrich the mail text.


First the workitem container is read out of the context. There we get the _WI_OBJECT_ID element, which contains the request object reference. With this information we are able to get the current request object out of the workflow. I pass this into antother class where I already have a mail sending implementation.

  METHOD if_ex_wf_wi_workitem~check_before_forward.
* This BAdI implementation is used to send an info mail when a workitem is forwarded.


        "Get workitem container and requestId
        DATA(container) = im_workitem_context->get_wi_container( ).

        container->get_value_ref( EXPORTING name       = |_WI_OBJECT_ID|
                                  IMPORTING value_ref  = DATA(lr_req_id) ).

        ASSIGN lr_req_id->* TO FIELD-SYMBOL(<lpor>).

        "Get current request object
        DATA(lo_req) = NEW cl_pt_req_wf_attribs( )->bi_persistent~find_by_lpor( lpor = <lpor> ).

        "Send an info mail to each new agent (should be only one)
        LOOP AT im_table_new_agents INTO DATA(new_agent).
          zcl_hcm_leave_request_assist=>send_mail( io_req         = CAST cl_pt_req_wf_attribs( lo_req )
                                                   iv_tdname      = mc_mailtext
                                                   iv_pernr       = cl_hcmfab_employee_api=>get_instance( )->get_employeenumber_from_user( iv_user = new_agent-objid ) ).

      CATCH cx_hcmfab_common.
      CATCH cx_swf_cnt_elem_not_found.
      CATCH cx_swf_cnt_container.
        "In error case, do nothing. The workitem should still be forwarded.

    "Write Info to WF Log
    MESSAGE s001(00) WITH |Forward: Mail { mc_mailtext }| INTO DATA(lv_message).
    im_workitem_context->set_message_to_log( im_function = CONV #( lv_message )         "max char30
                                             im_message = VALUE #( msgid = sy-msgid
                                                                   msgty = sy-msgty
                                                                   msgno = sy-msgno
                                                                   msgv1 = sy-msgv1 ) ).

At the end I’m writing a little notification in the workflow log. The workitem context provides the method set_message_to_log for this. The log will look like this.

[Fiori] Leave Request Approval Steps with Custom Workflow

If you want to copy the standard workflow of the leave request approval process (WS12300111) and are adding another approval step (or you just want to add an escalation where you set the approve workitem to obsolete and create a new approval step for the next approver) you have to implement the following BAdI. In detail you only have to add the new step ID in the filter, else the approver will not see any approval or reject buttons in his inbox. See details here.


Default implementation: HCMFAB_LEAVE_APPROVAL_INBOX
Default Workflows and Step ID’s
Add your custom workflow and the custom approval step id in your own BAdI implementation

As second step you have to add the Workflow in the customizing. You’ll find further information here.

Add the Workflow with Approval StepId
Add the Approve and Reject Buttons