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[Fiori] Send notification mail if workitem is forwarded in MyInbox

Workitem function modules

If you forward a workitem manually from the MyInbox or via function module SAP_WAPI_FORWARD_WORKITEM, the function module SWW_WI_FORWARD will be called. There the SAP implemented a BAdI call of the BAdI WF_WI_FORWARD.


The BAdI provides a method to add additional checks, when forwarding a workitem. I will use it, to send notification mails.

BAdI Filter

Create your own BAdI implementation and add a task id as filter. In my case it’s the task TS21500003 of the leave request approval workflow.
Now your implementation will only be called, if this specific workitem is forwarded. Now we implement the method CHECK_BEFORE_FORWARD. The method has enough parameters to get all necessary information to enrich the mail text.


First the workitem container is read out of the context. There we get the _WI_OBJECT_ID element, which contains the request object reference. With this information we are able to get the current request object out of the workflow. I pass this into antother class where I already have a mail sending implementation.

  METHOD if_ex_wf_wi_workitem~check_before_forward.
* This BAdI implementation is used to send an info mail when a workitem is forwarded.


        "Get workitem container and requestId
        DATA(container) = im_workitem_context->get_wi_container( ).

        container->get_value_ref( EXPORTING name       = |_WI_OBJECT_ID|
                                  IMPORTING value_ref  = DATA(lr_req_id) ).

        ASSIGN lr_req_id->* TO FIELD-SYMBOL(<lpor>).

        "Get current request object
        DATA(lo_req) = NEW cl_pt_req_wf_attribs( )->bi_persistent~find_by_lpor( lpor = <lpor> ).

        "Send an info mail to each new agent (should be only one)
        LOOP AT im_table_new_agents INTO DATA(new_agent).
          zcl_hcm_leave_request_assist=>send_mail( io_req         = CAST cl_pt_req_wf_attribs( lo_req )
                                                   iv_tdname      = mc_mailtext
                                                   iv_pernr       = cl_hcmfab_employee_api=>get_instance( )->get_employeenumber_from_user( iv_user = new_agent-objid ) ).

      CATCH cx_hcmfab_common.
      CATCH cx_swf_cnt_elem_not_found.
      CATCH cx_swf_cnt_container.
        "In error case, do nothing. The workitem should still be forwarded.

    "Write Info to WF Log
    MESSAGE s001(00) WITH |Forward: Mail { mc_mailtext }| INTO DATA(lv_message).
    im_workitem_context->set_message_to_log( im_function = CONV #( lv_message )         "max char30
                                             im_message = VALUE #( msgid = sy-msgid
                                                                   msgty = sy-msgty
                                                                   msgno = sy-msgno
                                                                   msgv1 = sy-msgv1 ) ).

At the end I’m writing a little notification in the workflow log. The workitem context provides the method set_message_to_log for this. The log will look like this.

[ABAP] Add custom message in workflow log

In a function exit of a workflow task, you can copy the sample coding out of class CL_SWH_WORKITEM_EXIT_LOG to append a custom message

METHOD if_swf_ifs_workitem_exit~event_raised .
  DATA: ls_msg TYPE swr_mstruc.
  DATA: ls_por TYPE sibflporb.
  DATA: l_cnt TYPE REF TO if_swf_ifs_parameter_container.

  me->m_ctx = im_workitem_context.
  IF im_event_name EQ swrco_event_after_creation.
    ls_msg-msgid = 'SWH'.
    ls_msg-msgty = 'S'.
    ls_msg-msgno = '100'.
    ls_msg-msgv1 = 'CL_SWH_WORKITM_EXIT_LOG'.
    ls_msg-msgv2 = 'swrco_event_after_creation'.
    l_cnt = m_ctx->get_wi_container( ).
        CALL METHOD l_cnt->get
            name  = swrco_wi_leading_object
            value = ls_por.
        CALL METHOD m_ctx->set_message_to_log
            im_message    = ls_msg
            im_object_por = ls_por.
      CATCH cx_swf_cnt_container .

But to add a message in general, only the workitem context is needed. If you got the context, just use method set_message_to_log.

* context type: im_workitem_context TYPE REF TO if_wapi_workitem_context   

" text in im_function will be displayed in workitem log (max char30),
" message in im_message will give further information when clicking on the traffic light (max char 70).
im_workitem_context->set_message_to_log( im_function = |Forward: Mail { var }|
                                         im_message = VALUE #( msgid = '00'
                                                               msgty = 'S'
                                                               msgno = '000'
                                                               msgv1 = |var 1|
                                                               msgv2 = |var 2| ) ).
* In some cases "COMMIT WORK" is needed.

You’ll find the log entry in workitem flog view:


 DATA(lr_log) = NEW cl_bal_logobj( i_log_object        = 'ZMM'
                                   i_default_subobject = 'ZMM_LOGGING' ).

 lr_log->add_statustext( i_statustext = |Write a text.| ).

 lr_log->add_exception( lo_excp ).

 lr_log->add_errortext( lo_excp->get_longtext( ) ).

 lr_log->add_msg( i_probclass = '1' ).   "will use sy-msgty sy-msgid sy-msgno sy-msgv1 ...

 lr_log->save( i_client = sy-mandt ).

 lr_log->display( ).

Note: When using on EHP 7.40 you will get some confusing & & around your message texts.

Possible values for i_probclass: