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[ABAP] Add custom message in workflow log

In a function exit of a workflow task, you can copy the sample coding out of class CL_SWH_WORKITEM_EXIT_LOG to append a custom message

METHOD if_swf_ifs_workitem_exit~event_raised .
  DATA: ls_msg TYPE swr_mstruc.
  DATA: ls_por TYPE sibflporb.
  DATA: l_cnt TYPE REF TO if_swf_ifs_parameter_container.

  me->m_ctx = im_workitem_context.
  IF im_event_name EQ swrco_event_after_creation.
    ls_msg-msgid = 'SWH'.
    ls_msg-msgty = 'S'.
    ls_msg-msgno = '100'.
    ls_msg-msgv1 = 'CL_SWH_WORKITM_EXIT_LOG'.
    ls_msg-msgv2 = 'swrco_event_after_creation'.
    l_cnt = m_ctx->get_wi_container( ).
        CALL METHOD l_cnt->get
            name  = swrco_wi_leading_object
            value = ls_por.
        CALL METHOD m_ctx->set_message_to_log
            im_message    = ls_msg
            im_object_por = ls_por.
      CATCH cx_swf_cnt_container .

But to add a message in general, only the workitem context is needed. If you got the context, just use method set_message_to_log.

* context type: im_workitem_context TYPE REF TO if_wapi_workitem_context   

" text in im_function will be displayed in workitem log (max char30),
" message in im_message will give further information when clicking on the traffic light (max char 70).
im_workitem_context->set_message_to_log( im_function = |Forward: Mail { var }|
                                         im_message = VALUE #( msgid = '00'
                                                               msgty = 'S'
                                                               msgno = '000'
                                                               msgv1 = |var 1|
                                                               msgv2 = |var 2| ) ).
* In some cases "COMMIT WORK" is needed.

You’ll find the log entry in workitem flog view:

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