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[ABAP] Read ACTION_COMMENTS from Workitem

The Attribute ACTION_COMMENTS is of type SWC_VALUE, which is a char with length 255.

If the entered text has less than < 255 characters, there is just one element named ‘ACTION_COMMENTS’ in the workitem container.

If the user entered a text with more than 255 characters, the text is split and there are more elements named with ‘ACTION_COMMENTS_1’, ‘ACTION_COMMENTS_2’ etc. (Note 3017539)

There is the function module SAP_WAPI_READ_CONTAINER to read Workitems. As input for the function module, you need the workitemId from the decision step. You will then find the ACTION_COMMENTS in the simple_container table.

    DATA: return_code              TYPE sy-subrc,
          simple_container         TYPE TABLE OF swr_cont,
          message_lines            TYPE TABLE OF swr_messag,
          message_struct           TYPE TABLE OF swr_mstruc,
          subcontainer_bor_objects TYPE TABLE OF swr_cont,
          subcontainer_all_objects TYPE TABLE OF swr_cont,
          object_content           TYPE TABLE OF solisti1.

    " Read the work item container from the work item ID
        workitem_id              = wiid
        return_code              = return_code
        simple_container         = simple_container
        message_lines            = message_lines
        message_struct           = message_struct
        subcontainer_bor_objects = subcontainer_bor_objects
        subcontainer_all_objects = subcontainer_all_objects.

        DATA(text) = simple_container[ element = 'ACTION_COMMENTS' ]-value.
      CATCH cx_sy_itab_line_not_found.
      " Check for ACTION_COMMENTS_1 etc.
      " or follow the approach below

The comment is also added as attachment to the workitem. Just check the table subcontainer_all_objects, which is also returned by the previous function module, for attribute _ATTACH_COMMENT_OBJECTS (or _ATTACH_OBJECT or DECISION_NOTE). With function module SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1 you can then get the actual comment.

    " Read the _ATTACH_COMMENT_OBJECTS element
    " There can be more than one comment, just take the last one
    LOOP AT subcontainer_all_objects INTO DATA(comment_object) WHERE element = '_ATTACH_COMMENT_OBJECTS'.

    CHECK comment_object-value IS NOT INITIAL.

    " Read the SOFM Document
        document_id    = CONV so_entryid( comment_object-value )
        object_content = object_content
        OTHERS         = 1.

    LOOP AT object_content INTO DATA(lv_soli).
      CONCATENATE text lv_soli-line INTO text.

As you get a table as a result, it’s properly easier to read long comments this way.

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