[Nextcloud] Restrict access to your ONLYOFFICE Document Service to the users of your Nextcloud instance

Enable JWT token Add a Token in you local.json file. If your running ONLYOFFICE on linux you will find the file here: Set inbox, outbox and browser to true and add you token in the secret part for inbox, outbox and session. I just generated a random string via Bitwarden. …

[Proxmox] Mount dataset into LXC

Open LXC config file in your favorite editor. In this case the container name is 101:

nano /etc/pve/lxc/101.conf

Append a single line for each mountpoint you want to add. The first mountpoint is “mp0”, the second “mp1” and so on.

mp0: /data/music,mp=/mnt/nfs/music

First the source (my zpool “data”, folowing the dataset name “music”), after that the destination inside the container beginning “mp=”.

[Pi-hole] Blocklists

How to do a Pi-hole update: pihole -up
Interesting project: PiPass (Related Reddit Post)


You will find further blocklists here and further whitelists here.

If you want to have a Dark Theme for Pi-Hole look here or use the Firefox/Chrome extension Dark Reader.