[Hardware] A guide to monitor response times

Find the article here: A guide to monitor response times “Response time” is basically the amount of time it takes for a pixel to change (“transition”) from one color to another, typically measured in milliseconds (ms). This is different from framerate or refresh rate of a monitor, typically measured in …

[NAS] Freie NAS-Systeme & Self-hosting Lösungen

NAS FreeNAS (FreeBSD)XigmaNAS (FreeBSD/FreeNAS, ehemals NAS4FREE)OpenMediaVault (Debian)Xpenology (bootloader for Synology’s DSM) Self-hosting / Hypervisor YunoHost (Debian)Proxmox (Debian)OmniOS Community Edition (Illumos)SmartOS (Illumos)Danube Cloud (SmartOS)XCP-ng (XenServer / heute Citrix Hypervisor)