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[TrueNAS] Replacing failed disk

Yesterday I got a mail about a failed disk in my TrueNAS system.

So I logged in and checked the Alerts and also zpool status.

Luckily I had an unused disk lying around. So just did a quick look in the TrueNAS Wiki (https://www.truenas.com/docs/hub/tasks/advanced/disk-replace/) and switched the drives…

After 5 minutes everything was done and the resilvering started.

It took about 4 hours for the 3TB disk. A zool clear poolname removes the error message and the pool was back online.

[NAS] WD Red Plus -> CMR


“Western Digital macht künftig besser erkenntlich, welche WD-Red-Festplatten auf klassisches Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) oder potenziell langsameres Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) setzen: Der Hersteller überführt alle CMR-Modelle der WD-Red-Serie in die neue Baureihe WD Red Plus. Wer künftig eine normale WD-Red-Festplatte ohne Namenszusatz kauft, bekommt folglich sicher eine SMR-Variante.”

CMR = Conventional Magnetic Recording
SMR = Shingled Magnetic Recording (ungeeignet für NAS)


CMR Produktbezeichnungen: WD10EFRX (1 TB), WD20EFRX (2 TB) , WD30EFRX (3 TB), WD40EFRX (4 TB), WD60EFRX (6 TB), WD80EFAX (8 TB), WD101EFAX (10 TB), WD120EFAX (12 TB), WD140EFAX (14 TB)

SMR Produktbezeichnungen: WD20EFAX (2 TB), WD30EFAX (3 TB), WD40EFAX (4 TB) und WD60EFAX (6 TB)

[NAS] OpenSource NAS-Systeme & Self-hosting Lösungen


TrueNAS Core (FreeBSD) / TrueNAS Scale (Debian)
XigmaNAS (FreeBSD/FreeNAS, ehemals NAS4FREE)
OpenMediaVault (Debian)
Xpenology (bootloader for Synology’s DSM)
OmniOS Community Edition (Illumos) mit Napp-IT
Rockstor (CentOS)

Self-hosting / Hypervisor

YunoHost (Debian)
Proxmox (Debian)
OmniOS Community Edition (Illumos)
SmartOS (Illumos)
Danube Cloud (SmartOS)
XCP-ng (XenServer / heute Citrix Hypervisor)