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[NGINX] Reverse Proxy

As I installed OnlyOffice to edit Word and Excel files directly from my Nextcloud, I had to setup a reverse proxy because OnlyOffice needs to run on a separate Server/Container and has to be reachable via https. First I tried to setup Nginx manually (way to complicated to handle in my opinion), then I tried Traefik (if you’re running a docker einvironment, I’m sure that’s a good solution) and in the end, I stuck with Nginx Proxy Manager. If you already have docker installed, this is by far the easiest way and also provides an awesome WebUI, where you can manage all your proxy hosts and SSL certificates.

The installation is done in just three simple steps: Set the port fowarding (80 and 443) in your router to your server/container, grab all the files in the doc/example/ folder and run

docker-compose up -d

And it’s done.
Now just enter the WebUI (ip:81) and setup all your routes.


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