[PDF.js] Prevent loading default pdf

This can be done by appending ?file= to the src path, like it is mentionend here.

<!-- "?file=" prevents loading the default document -->
<iframe id="pdf-js-viewer" src="/pdf/web/viewer.html?file=" title="webviewer" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="700" allowfullscreen="" webkitallowfullscreen=""/>

Or by setting the variable defaultUrl to blank using the onload event.

pdfViewer = document.getElementById("pdf-js-viewer");

pdfViewer.onload = () => {

[nodejs] read and write a file



        const fs = require("fs")

        try {
            // read from local folder
            const localPDF = fs.readFileSync('PDFs/myFile.pdf')

            //write back to local folder
            fs.writeFileSync('PDFs/writtenBack.pdf', localPDF )

        } catch (err) {

Converting to Base64

        try {
            // read from local folder
            const localPDF = fs.readFileSync('PDFs/myFile.pdf')
            const localBase64 = localPDF.toString('base64')

            //write back to local folder
            fs.writeFileSync(`PDFs/writtenBack.pdf`, localBase64, {encoding: 'base64'})

        } catch (err) {

Reading and writing using streams with pipe

        //read and write local file
        const reader = fs.createReadStream("PDFs/myFile.pdf")
        const writer = fs.createWriteStream('PDFs/writtenBack.pdf');

[Software] Using pdfunite to merge PDF documents

First install pdfunite:

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install poppler-utils


pdfunite source1.pdf source2.pdf merged_output.pdf

If a pdf file is located in a different folder, you have to add the path like this: $home/Downloads/source1.pdf
If you want to merge all pdf’s of the current folder you cant type:

pdfunite *.pdf merged_output.pdf

An alternative with GUI is PDF Arranger.