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[Windows] SHELL – Powerful context menu manager for Windows File Explorer

Shell is a context menu customizer that lets you handpick the items to integrate into Windows File Explorer context menu, create custom commands to access all your favorite web pages, files, and folders, and launch any application directly from the context menu. It also provides you a convenient solution to modify or remove any context menu item added by the system or third party software.”


[Shell] Delete a folder and its content

If you downloaded a series there are often folders for each episode. Each episode folder often includes another folder called “Sample” with a short demo video file.

Series -> Season 01 -> Episode 01 -> Sample -> sample.mkv

To get rid of these you can use the “find” and “rm” command. To remove each sample folder with its content you have to use the remove command with an “-r”.

find -name "Sample" -exec rm -r "{}" \;