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[Workflow] You are not one of the possible agents of task ‘&1’

The Function Module SAP_WAPI_START_WORKFLOW uses RH_TASK_START_CHECK to check, if the calling user is allowed to start the Workflow.
In it RH_TASKS_TO_START is used to read the WF and Task IDs which the user is allowed to call. But it uses a buffer and if you just did some changes to the Workflow Classification, i.e. setting it to General Task,

it can be that this check will continue to fail as it is reading old data from the buffer.

You will receive an error message from Message Class WZ: You are not one of the possible agents of task ‘&1’

I had this problem sometimes when transporting objects to the next system, but until now I could not figure out when it happens and when not.

Luckily the solution is pretty simple, just call T-Code SWU_OBUF and do a buffer refresh/synchronization.
Rob Dielemans has explained the cause very well here.

[Fiori] Transactions and Reports




  • Frontend-Services: /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/
  • Backend-Services: /sap/opu/odata/sap/ und /sap/bc/bsp/sap/


sicfPflege des HTTP-Service-Baums
(SAP Internet Communication Framework)
segwSAP Gateway Service Builder
/n/iwbep/view_logSAP Gateway Protokoll-Viewer
/n/iwfnd/gw_clientSAP Gateway Client
/n/iwfnd/apps_logSAP Gateway Anwendungsprotokoll-Viewer
/n/iwfnd/error_logSAP Gateway Fehlerprotokoll
/n/iwfnd/maint_serviceServices aktivieren und verwalten
/n/iwfnd/cache_cleanupBereinigung des Gateway-Modellcache (Frontend)
/n/ui2/custCustomizing für UI-Technologien
/n/ui2/flpSAP Fiori Launchpad
/n/ui2/flcSAP Fiori Launchpad – Prüfungen
/n/ui2/fliaFiori Launchpad: Absichtsanalyse
/n/ui2/flpd_custFiori Launchpad: Designer (mandantenüber.)
/n/ui2/flpd_confFiori Launchpad: Designer (mandantenabh.)
/n/ui2/semobjSemantisches Objekt definieren – Kunde
/n/ui2/semobj_sapSemantisches Objekt definieren – SAP
/n/ui2/theme_designerUI Theme Designer
swfvisuWorkflow Visualisierungs-Metadaten
swfvmd1Workflow Visualisierungs-Metadaten