[Router/Firewall] Hard- & Software Sammlung

Software pfSense (BSD) OPNsense (BSD) IPFire (Linux) OpenWRT (Linux) VyOS (Linux, Fork von Vyatta) Hardware APU-board (z.B. apu4d4 mit 4 NICs) Voleatech (liefert Modelle mit pfSense aus) NRG Systems IPU Systeme Zotac (z.B. ZBox Nano) Protecli Qotom GL-iNet (OpenWRT Wifi Routers) Einfach zu bedienende Fertiglösungen UniFi Security Gateway (OS ist …

[Mint] Install Polybar on Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon

Install dependencies: Clone Polybar repo: Build Polybar: During the installtion choose “install example configuration” and you will find it here: Testrun the example configuration with the following command (the bar in this config is called “example”): Further configuration options can be found on their Github page.