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[SAPUI5] Model binding events

				path: sObjectPath,
				events: {
					dataRequested: (oEvent) => {}, // Executed when a request to server is send
					dataReceived: (oEvent) => {},  // Executed when data from server is received
					change:(oEvent) => {},         // Executed everytime you do ElementBinding

The events for dataRequested and dataReceived are only fired, when data is requested or data is received from a backend. This is not the case, when the requested data is already available in the model from a previous backend call. In such situations, the change event comes in handy.

The same can also be done via XML:

  path: '/myEntitySet',
  events: {
    dataRequested: 'onDataRequested',
    dataReceived: 'onDataReceived',
    change: 'onDataChange'