Homelab, Linux, JS & ABAP (~˘▾˘)~

[ABAP] SE80 Shortcuts

Meine meist verwendeten Workbench Shortcuts:

Strg DZeile verdoppeln
Strg JIn Kommentaren -> 1 Buchstaben groß
Strg ISuchen abwärts (startet beim tippen)
Strg Shift ISuchen aufwärts (startet beim tippen)
Strg KText groß/klein switchen. Alternativ (Strg U für groß, Strg L für klein)
Strg Shift SCoding in Datei speichern
Strg Shift LGanze Zeile löschen
Strg Shift XGanze Zeile löschen und einrücken
Ctrl /Jump to the “command field” where we enter t-codes
Alt Shift PfeiltastenCoding Block markieren (alternativ Alt + Maus)

[Terminal] Shorcut overview

Further shortcuts:

Ctrl-LCleans the screen
Ctrl-YPastes back the stuff erased by Ctrl-K or Ctrl-U
Ctrl-CAborts a application
Ctrl-ZSuspend a application. Resume it again by fg (resume in foreground) and bg (resume in background).
Use jobs if you have multiple suspended applications and use fg %# (where # is the job number) to get it back on screen or end it with kill %#.
Ctrl-Dis same as typing exit
Pos1like Ctrl-A
Endlike Ctrl-E
Ctrl-RSearch terminal history
Ctrl-GExit searching terminal history

Some of the shortcuts are also recognized by other applications, like Ctrl-U on Ubuntu’s graphical login screen.