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[Nextcloud] Run OnlyOffice Document Server in Docker

If you don’t already have it, you first have to install Docker. Then just get the docker-compose.yml for OnlyOffice

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ONLYOFFICE/Docker-DocumentServer/master/docker-compose.yml

and activate the JSON Web Token validation.

nano docker-compose.yml
      - JWT_ENABLED=true
      - JWT_SECRET=your_secret
      - JWT_HEADER=Authorization

Now just run the container.

sudo docker-compose up -d

To use OnlyOffice with Nextcloud, your container needs to reachable via https, so you need to add a subdomain and SSL Certificate in your Nginx reverse proxy. Then just go to your Nextcloud installation and install the OnlyOffice Addon. There just enter the new domain to your OnlyOffice Docker Container and the JSON Web Token. Office files should now be editable in OnlyOffice.

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