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[Android] Upgrading LineageOS 16.0 to 17.1 on my Xiaomi Mi 8 (dipper)

Install the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)


# check if device is found
adb devices
# reboot into sideload modus
adb reboot sideload

Or manually boot into TWRP recovery holding Volume Up + Power when the phone is off. Navigate to Advanced-> ADB Sideload.

Update MIUI Firmware

If your current MIUI Firmware does not support Android 10, you have to update it first.
Dowload the newest MIUI Firmware for your device from https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/firmware/dipper/.
Flash the new Firmware via TWRP or via ADB sideload.

adb sideload Downloads/fw_dipper_miui_MI8Global_V12.0.2.0.QEAMIXM_4e38c51916_10.0.zip   

Download and flash new LineageOS image

I’m using the LinageOS fork LineageOS for microG. Download it from here: https://download.lineage.microg.org/dipper/ (MI 8 = dipper)
The upgrade steps are the same as for the officially rom: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/dipper/upgrade. In my case only flashing the new image.

adb sideload Downloads/lineage-17.1-20210327-microG-dipper.zip 

[Wireguard] Wireguard on Android

Update 11.05.2020: I recommend using the PiVPN script (especially when using a unprivileged container). https://nocin.eu/wireguard-set-up-wireguard-using-pivpn-inside-lxc/

In the F-Droid Store you’ll find the wireguard android app.

To get wireguard running, add a new peer to your server. So ssh into your sever (in my case an lxc on proxmox) and create a new key pair.

wg genkey | tee privatekey | wg pubkey > publickey

Now create the android.conf. Define the interface and add your server as peer.

PrivatKey = <android_privat_key>
Address =
PublicKey = <server_public_key>
AllowedIPs =
Endpoint = my.doamin.org:51820
PersistentKeepalive = 25

Then add the new android peer to the server config.

PublicKey = <android_public_key>
AllowedIPs =

Now restart the wireguard interface to load the new config:

wg-quick down wg0
wg-quick up wg0

The fastest way to get your config on the android client is using a QR-Code. I used greencode for this.

apt install greencode
qrencode -t ansiutf8 < android.conf

Open your wireguard app, scan the QR-Code and connect to your server.