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[LineageOS] When someone calls, my own number is appended to the caller’s number

I had an issue with my Xiaomi Mi 8 phone, which really annoyed me. For some callers, my phone number was somehow appended to the caller’s phone number. This also meant that the number was not matched with my contacts. It looked like this:

When searching, I found a reddit post (as always) where someone had the exact same problem, even using the same phone. Therefore, I’m not sure if the issue is Phone or Lineage related.


The suggested solution is to disable VoLTE. To be honest, I didn’t even know what VoLTE was exactly. After reading a bit, I found the required setting under: Settings → Network and Internet → SIM cards → 4G calls.
And fortunately, it also helped in my case. I could not really notice a difference regarding the phone quality, therefore I’m fine with it.