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[Home Assistant] Send notification only when you are home or when you come home

If you have a notification, which is only relevant for you when you are at home, it does not make sense to send it, if you are away. Instead, it would make sense to receive it the moment you get home.

To do this, simply add an Wait for a template action before sending the notification, with the following content. This can be done via YAML configuration

  - wait_template: "{{ is_state('person.nico', 'home') }}"
    continue_on_timeout: true

or via the web interface

If you are currently at home, means the entity status is already in the state home, it will be resolved immediately, otherwise it will wait until your status changes to home.

[Home Assistant] Display Battery devices, sorted by battery status

Simple and handy card, to display devices/entities of a specific type. Thanks to this card, it is no longer necessary to add new battery devices manually.


    type: custom:auto-entities
      show_header_toggle: false
      title: Battery status
      type: entities
      state_color: true
        - attributes:
            device_class: battery
          state: <= 100
        - name: /MI/
        - name: /Redmi/
        - name: /T550/
      method: state
      numeric: true