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[ABAP Env] Create Data Model & OData Service

Recently I worked through the tutorial on creating a travel bookings app in the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment.

Find a good introduction and overview on this topic here: Getting Started with ABAP in the Cloud – Part I
And the travel bookings app tutorial here: Getting Started with ABAP in the Cloud – Part II

These are my notes on the steps needed to create the data model and publish it as oData service.

1Database TableZTABLEPlace your raw data first
2Data Definition (Interface View)ZI_Relation between different tables (e.g. currency or text table)
3Projection View (Consumption View)ZC_Configure the UI depending on your scenario.
Use different projection views for different usages of the same interface view and the same physical table.
4Service DefinitionZSD_Expose the projection view (and underlying associations like currency, country…) as service
5Service BindingZSB_How to we want to make the service available? Defines the binding type (OData V2 / OData V4)
Activate it with the “Activate” Button within the editor window.
Select the Entity and hit “Preview…” to see whtat we defined in our projection view.

If you’ve done this, you are able to view the data in a generated Fiori Elements app. But if you also want to create, edit, delete data, you’ll have to add some behavior functionality.

6Behavior Definition on Data DefinitionZI_Created on top of the Data Definition. Will get the same name es the Data Definition.
Implementation Type: Managed
Defines the operations create, delete, edit.
7Behavior Implementation on Definition ViewZBP_I_The code for the behavior… For the travel app tutorial, some logic for a generated unique key and field validation.
The class inherits from cl_abap_behavior_handler.
8Behavior Definition on Projection ViewZC_Created on top of the Projection View. Will get the same name es the Projection View.
Defines the operations create, delete, edit.