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[CAP] Add SQLite DB for development

# install SQLite
npm i sqlite3 -D 

# create db, save configuration in package.json, stores mock data into db
cds deploy --to sqlite:db/my-app.db

# test cds deploy command with --dry. Displays ever table and view it creates
cds deploy --to sqlite:db/my-app.db --dry

# get and overview of your tables with .tables
sqlite3 db/my-app.db .tables

# open and view newly created db
sqlite3 db/my-app.db -cmd .dump

# and select single field with
SELECT field FROM mytable WHERE mykeyfield= "00505601194D1EE9B7BFC518B85";

# update a field with
UPDATE mytable SET field = "test" WHERE mykeyfield= "00505601194D1EE9B7BFC518B85";

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