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[ZFS] Encryption

Native encryption in ZFS is supported since version 0.8.0. Check your current ZFS version with:

modinfo zfs                           

First activate the encryption feature on your pool:

zpool set feature@encryption=enabled pool_name

To get an overview of all pools with enabled encryption use the following command:

zpool get all | grep encryption

To create a new encrypted dataset with a passphrase:

zfs create -o encryption=aes-256-gcm -o keyformat=passphrase pool_name/dataset_name

Check the keystatus, the current encryption type and the mountpoint with the following commands:

zfs get keystatus pool_name/dataset_name
zfs get encryption pool_name/dataset_name
zfs list pool_name/dataset_name

Change the passphrase with:

zfs change-key pool_name/dataset_name

After a reboot you first have to load your key and then mount your dataset:

zfs load-key pool_name/dataset_name
zfs mount pool_name/dataset_name

Unmount and unload your key:

zfs umount pool_name/dataset_name
zfs unload-key pool_name/dataset_name

If you are sharing this dataset via NFS, it could be necessary to restart the NFS service after mounting. I just deactivate and activate again NFS on the dataset.

zfs set sharenfs=off pool_name/dataset_name
zfs set sharenfs=on pool_name/dataset_name

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