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[ABAP] Read IT0008 lgart values

Oldschool abap…

  DATA: BEGIN OF i0008,               
        lgart LIKE p0008-lga01,                         
        betrg LIKE p0008-bet01,
        anzhl LIKE p0008-anz01,
        eitxt LIKE p0008-ein01,
        opken LIKE p0008-opk01,
        indbw LIKE p0008-ind01,                                  
        END OF i0008.

  rp-provide-from-last p0008 space pn-begda pn-endda.    

  DO 40 TIMES                                                   
           VARYING i0008-lgart FROM p0008-lga01 NEXT p0008-lga02
           VARYING i0008-betrg FROM p0008-bet01 NEXT p0008-bet02
           VARYING i0008-anzhl FROM p0008-anz01 NEXT p0008-anz02
           VARYING i0008-eitxt FROM p0008-ein01 NEXT p0008-ein02
           VARYING i0008-opken FROM p0008-opk01 NEXT p0008-opk02
           VARYING i0008-indbw FROM p0008-ind01 NEXT p0008-ind02.
      IF i0008-lgart = '2001'.

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