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[JavaScript] Check if iterator is undefined when using a for…of loop

Just saw this trick, how you can do a for…of loop which also checks if the iterator is null or undefined. Normally, you would check this by another if statement before starting the for..of loop, like here

const d = undefined

if (d) { 
  for (const x of d ) {

or by using a try...catch

try {
  for (const x of d) {
} catch (e) {
  console.error(e) // TypeError: undefined is not iterable

But instead of if or try...catch, you could use d || [], to check if d is Falsy, and if it’s false, no iterations are performed and no errors are thrown. The disadvantage of this approach is that you create an unneeded array and the readability may be poor depending on the situation.

for (const x of d || []) {

Of course, the first and the last snippet can also be done in one line

if (d) for (const x of d ) console.log(x) 

for (const x of d || []) console.log(x)