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[JavaScript] Regex to check if string only contains the newline escape sequence \n

This is the first time ChatGPT actually helped me to solve a problem. So far the answers have not been so helpful with coding problems, but it seems to work very well with regex. I asked it to create me a regex pattern that checks if a string contains only the newline escape sequence \n and the answer was correct.

const test1 = '\n' //true
const test2 = '\n\n\n\n' //true
const test3 = 'test \n test' //false
const test4 = 'abcdefghij' //false
const test5 = ' ' //false

const myRegex = /^(?:\n)+$/

console.log('test1: ' + myRegex.test(test1))
console.log('test2: ' + myRegex.test(test2))
console.log('test3: ' + myRegex.test(test3))
console.log('test4: ' + myRegex.test(test4))
console.log('test5: ' + myRegex.test(test5))